The Economic Value of Pathology report

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Pathology is the engine room of healthcare
  • How Australians have been leading the fight against cervical cancer since 1978

    Sydney pathologist Dr Colin Laverty (1937-2013) was a world-renowned gynaecological cytology and histopathology specialist. His initial research into the significance of the human papillomavirus (HPV) in the 1970s is the foundation of the world’s battle against cervical cancer today. Laverty was the first person to confirm that the human papillomavirus (HPV) was more common in the cervix than previously […]

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  • Diagnosis of cirrhosis – new approaches to liver disease detection

    Your humble liver could be described as the human body’s hard-working janitor – it furiously mops up compounds in our blood left over once the body metabolises everything we ingest. Rates of liver disease are rising globally and pathology is central to detection and reducing risk of serious damage. Liver damage can be caused by […]

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  • New evidence shows Silk Road route transported more than just silk

    Silk, tea and spices weren’t the only things transported along China’s legendary Silk Road. Paleopathologists at the University of Cambridge released a study last week showing that infectious diseases were also carried by travellers along the network of trade routes. Researchers excavated 2,000-year-old faeces from a latrine along the Silk Road in northwestern China. When they […]

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